Chiggz has released his debut EP, The Gabos MF’s, after eighteen months in the works with the team at No1 Studios! Chiggz is the eldest of the four ECB brothers (Chiggz, JK-47, Nate G & WILL), who have been collectively storming the local hip hop scene. The Gabos MF’s features Chiggz’s smooth vocals over an impressive range of beats, from the killer hook of Get It, to the laid-back keys of S.A.B., the dreamy, slow-building Push la Crooks, the uptempo of W.T.D., and the in-your-face Blending.

The Gabos MF’s (or Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy) is out now on all major streaming platforms. Check out the music video for S.A.B. here!

S.A.B. Credits:

Produced by Smak & Good Nuuz

Recorded at NO1STUDIOS

Directed / Cut by Kyel Golly

Director of Photography: Jack Phoenix

Prod comp: NO1NETWORK

Shout out to everyone involved in the S.A.B. video project: @ecb_532 @nateg.ecb @official_jk47 @willpaulson.ecb @smak._ @nerve.mp3 @skarobeats @good.nuuz @no1.studios @kyelgolly @jackphoenix__ @yamaflashi @_finwilson @kiarneybts & many more.

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