No.One network’s aim is to connect contemporary, underground, and up-and-coming street artists to the Australian business market through unique events, marketing, merchandising and network co-ordination.

Our company has gained experience in corporate due diligence, legals and licensing, supply chain establishment, cash flow management and representing the complex and growing street culture community.

The network is a physical and online platform that grew in popularity by creating, documenting, and sharing a unique approach to street culture.

As mentioned in our Ethos (link), the business aims to connect talented humans who have come together ‘under one umbrella’ to network and gain sustainable work within the business market whilst doing what they love.

Kyle is the Business manager and creative director who began networking with artists in 2011, documenting their work through photography and videography before setting up the No.One Network platform for other important elements of the culture.

Whilst engaging with the creative community, Kyle gained a Bachelor of Psychological Science Degree (Hons) at the University of Queensland.

Over the past 10 years of marketing artists, Kyle has honed his skills to include creating music videos, documentaries, books, and photo galleries. Combining this with the platform, No.One has collaborated and documented multiple tours with established musicians, marketed and sold merchandise across the country, built a network of over 50+ freelance artists and funded over 150 collaborations.

Kyle & No.One Network can be contracted for either singular projects or ongoing advisory roles.

The company seeks to connect both artists and government/non-government entities through mutually supportive ventures through No.One Network, while operating from a non-for-profit co-working space.

The head office of No.One Network is located at AV Club Visual Studio (link) in Albion, Brisbane.

The studio is a 200SQM co-working warehouse, equipping itself with professional production equipment and a photography studio to help create professional marketing assets.

The space allows creatives to work within a professional and creative environment, network with clients outside of home, and take advantage of permanent residents (and their independent platforms) via affordable rent and shared resources.

No.One Network is fast gathering momentum in Brisbane, accumulating over 18k followers on Instagram, 5M views on YouTube.

An important and unique factor that No.One network holds compared to other creative service companies is a strong relationship with the culture and artist community.

Services were built from the ground up within the community, focusing on a love for the art before branching out on business ventures and marketing their services.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via