Brisbane rapper Skrub has released his head-turning debut album, Skinned Alive. The lyrical tone of the sixteen track album ranges from swagger (Ovayahead), to fresh and humorous (That’s Me), to personal and moving (Nightmares)With huge beats and production from Skrub, Nerve, and Blind, Skinned Alive is one of Australian hip hop’s punchiest debuts of 2016.

Skinned Alive is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp!


Mixed & Mastered by Nerve.

Intro – Produced by Blind

That’s Me – Produced by Skrub

Gutentag – Produced by Nerve

Ovayahead – Produced by Nerve

Bounce – Produced by Skrub

Any Emcee – Produced by Nerve

Nightmares – Produced by Skrub

F.W.T – Produced by JRLISKE

The Takeover – Produced by Skrub

Tenement – Produced by Nerve

Acid Trip – Produced by Blind

F.Y.B – Produced by JRLISKE

When It Pours It Rains – Produced by Nerve

Still Can’t – Produced by Nerve

Artwork by Kyel Golly

All copyrighted by Skrub, Nerve & Blind

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