Brisbane-based rapper Alerts has teamed up with Tasmanian MC Greeley for RHYME LIFE, reminding Australia’s hip hop scene that these two veterans are still at the top of their game. The two performers had a lot of fun with the music video, switching between suits, champagne and luxury high rises and a backyard BBQ party.

Make BBQ rap great again? Mission accomplished.

Watch the music video here!

Written and performed by Alerts and Greeley

Produced by Uncool Sam TPW

Recorded, Mixed and Edited by Simplex

Mastered by Disk Edits

Video Credits:

Direction & Edit: @kyelgolly

D.O.P + Colorist : @hugonobay


Titles – Brae @yamaflashi

Production Company: @NO1NETWORK

BTS + Grip: @grimfont @ghostlaps

Styling: Illegal Merchandise (@illegalmerch)


Wall painted by Seiz, River City, Greelz and Linz

Sponsored by Illegal Merchandise

A Simplex and No One Network Production

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