Pull up your socks, this is a BOP! Nerve’s killer party track Reece’s Peeces has hit over 300,000 plays on Spotify (plus over 200,000 views on Youtube) since its release in October 2020. The music video is over-the-top fun, matching the giddy, cheeky tone of the song. Notable highlights of the video include Nerve handcuffed to a bed, eating fried chicken at a nightclub, skydiving, riding a horse named Cody, and rapping his way through a giant, back-to-school themed food fight.

Watch the video now!

Reece’s Peeces video credits:

Produced by Nerve

A NO1NETWORK / AV Club Production (@no1network / @avclub.studio)

Director: Kyel Golly (@kyelgolly)

DoP: Hugo Nobay (@hugonobay)

VFX: Carl Allison (@carlallison)

Gaffer: Tom Carroll (@tommecarroll)

Prod. Design: Laura Lo Res (@lauras.lo.res)

Styling: Lynn (@fukhed)

1st AD: Julian D’Arcy (@julianfdarcy)

2nd AD: Jack Phoenix (@jackphoenix__)

BTS Video: Josh Hickie (@joshickie)

BTS Stills: Linus Marsh (@ni_cnussy)

BTS Stills: Macami (@Macami)

BTS Stills: Fin Wilson (@_finwilson)

Starring: @1yljana, @alexhiam, @duhsam, @balenciaga.balaclava, @lyndaldoran, @smak._, @_finwilson, @ni_cnussy, @julianfdarcy, @zachary_daq, @jackphpoenix,@jack_purton, @tw1sted_cyclepath, @lauras.lo.res, @rocky_jerkic, @yamaflashi, @aimless.and.shameless, @_numpty__, @aftermidnightfilm.co, @yevstolia, @nae_nae_goodness, @pretty.riskie, @leelow.bne

Special Thanks: Brightside, Project Store, Lil J’s Vintage, Brand-Name BNE, Cheep Store, Erin and Cody The Horse.

© Copyright NERVE 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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