The No.One Network has released one of its most experimental collaborations yet, No1 Cypher #5 – The No.1 Experiment. The cypher kicks off with raps from Smak, Nerve, and Skrub, before a huge a capella switch up from Mesc and a slow-creeping verse from Headmasta Dean. A third beat picks up as Zealot, Count B, Ozai and Synth bring the cypher home. Intelligent, narrative-driven video production means that the transitions between MCs are smooth and creative. The video also features scenes from Brisbane locations like The Culprit Club, Lil J’s Vintage, Babylon Falls and Zion Studios.

Watch The No.1 Experiment at the link below!


Mix / Master: Smak & Brainstorm

Recorded at No1 Studios.

Beat 1: Profse

Beat 2: Brainstorm

Beat 3: Nerve

Directed / Cut by Kyel Golly

Shot by Angus Mckenny

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