Brisbane rapper and producer Nerve has released his debut album, Sober. The fourteen track record features an impressive range of beats and instrumentation, from the paranoid, swirling beat of Sober, to the bouncing If You Say So and Go Away, to the downbeat bassline of Space, to the electric guitar and piano loops of Got U and Heavy. The LP also features guest appearances from Good Nuuz, Chillinit, Mesc, Skrub, and Headmasta Dean, as well as co-production by Good Nuuz, Brainstorm, Crossbreed, and Blind.

Listen to Sober at the link below!


Executive Producer: Nerve.

Track 2 Co-produced by: Good Nuuz and Brainstorm (Syori Records).

Track 5 Co-produced by: Crossbreed (UK).

Track 6 Co-Produced by: Brainstorm.

Track 12 Co-produced by: Good Nuuz and Brainstorm.

Track 14 Co-produced by: Blind of Syntax Junkies.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Nerve & Brainstorm at Syori Records.

Artwork by: onlyodd.


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