Australian hip hop artist Mesc has released his debut studio album, Just a Joke. The twelve-track LP is full of Mesc’s trademark lyricism and poetic rhymes, with Let Me Be‘s chilled-out trumpet hook and catchy chorus vocals a standout.

Listen to Just a Joke at the link below, or buy it on Bandcamp!


All tracks written & performed by Mesc

Track 1 produced by Brainstorm

Tracks 2,4,5,11,12 produced by Estranged

Tracks 3,9,10 produced by Count Be

Track 6 & 7 produced by Nerve

Track 8 produced by Mesc

Track 12 mixed & mastered by ProfSe

All other tracks mixed & mastered by Nerve & Brainstorm

Recorded at Syori Records

Mesc logo by Carlos the Jakl

Mesc clown by Cornelius Delaney

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