Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of Nerve’s new Hopscotch music video! The BTS video features insights straight from the mouth of Brisbane hip hop artist Nerve, director Kyel Golly, and director of photography Hugo Nobay. Among other secrets, you’ll get to hear the story behind where the Hopscotch breakdancer came from!

The Hopscotch video was the second major NO1NETWORK project conducted with the AV TEAM, with a cast and team of over 40+ people. The shoot used renowned independent fuel supplier Bizzell’s Garage, as well as a local mansion.

Watch the Behind the Scenes video here!

BTS video by Josh Hickie

Director: Kyel Golly

Director of Photography: Hugo Nobay

1stAD: Julian D’arcy

2nd AD: Laylah & Sophie

1st AC: Tom Carrol

2nd AC: Jacinta Taylor

Art Dept: Sophie and Duy

Gaffer: Isaiah Matthews

BTS: Hickie and Break dancing legend

Lighting: Thomas Savage

Styling: Look Like E & Cheep

Special thanks to Bizzell’s Garage

Produced by Nerve

Mixed & Mastered by Nerve

Additional Vocals by Chelsea Warner

Film Produced by @no1network,

© Copyright NERVE 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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