The No1 Network has celebrated its six-month anniversary with a massive Halloween party! At times, it was hard to tell which was more packed – the mosh pit, filled with over 200 guests, or the stage, crammed full of immensely talented MCs. All up, the night featured an impressive lineup of 25 artists. DJs included Hakido, Stocks, Profse, Mascon Echoes, Sam Cooper and Dameeela.

The night was sponsored by Fotofast, The Culprit Club, Lil J’s Vintage, and Babylon Falls, and made possible by Kyel Golly, Only Odd and Brainstorm.

Filmed by: Kerry Cull, Angus McKenny and Asher Lagosha

Cut by: Kerry Cull

Instrumentals: Smak & Nerve

Lighting / Sound: Brainstorm

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