Fully Gassed, 50×50, and No.One Network have presented a huge new grime cypher, Fully Gassed #3. The cypher features a staggering twenty-four MCs from Australia and New Zealand, dropping huge rhymes for almost 45 exhilarating minutes. The lineup included Fraksha, Scotty Hinds, Alex Jones, Son Of Sam, Mr.Wrighty, Nerve, Shadow, Hazrd, Talakai, Spinner, Sub’z, Seru, Seth Topia, Vanguard, Joe the Freakshow, Stanza Blade, Gutz, Threatz, Monk, Jasper, Macca, JLP, Cynic, and DEVIAS.

Watch the video at the link below!


Filmed by Kyel Golly, Angus McKenny & Jake Vinco

Mixed by Nerve

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