Tasmanian hip hop / electronic artist DENNI has released the music video for her latest track, MURDER (ft. GREELEY). On MURDER, DENNI and GREELEY deliver hard-hitting lyrics about the realities of First Nations people in Australia. “This oppression hasn’t lessened this last century / only thing that’s come to change, it’s in LED.”

Watch the video here!


MURDER produced by Lariken

Directed by DENNI & GREELEY

Shot by Hugo Nobay – AV Club – No One Network

Edited by Jade Higgs

Extra thankyou’s to DCP of Indigenoues Intrudaz, Daniel Easton, Numpty, Creatures of Habit, Skrub, Lauren, Shelly and Brii of Her Highness, Chubs, AV Club, No1 Network, Evergreen, Trav @ Ozhiphopshop and everyone else the helped make this video possible.

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