In response to the cancellation of arts events due to COVID-19, Arts Organisation Create or Die hosted a series of digital events and professional streaming services for artists.

For their hip hop episode, @no1network and performed a live show alongside Chrispy, Talakai, Hammy via @illeqwip, and @createordie.

Our second episode featured fierce rhymes from Nerve, performing hits like Walk & Talk, Pt. 2 and Hopscotch, all while rocking a Goku t-shirt. Check out Nerve’s set here!

Directed & Cut: @kyelgolly

Shot by: @hugonobay @joshickie @kyelgolly

Set design: @laura.lo.res

Audio engineer: @nerve.mp3

BTS: @grim.font 

Production: @adam_scarf @createordie

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