Brisbane creative event facilitator Bad Olive pulled off a stellar Halloween showcase, featuring art, fashion and sound from over thirty local artists.

The Bad Olive Halloween lineup featured:

Art:, @axk_django, @antonio_lazarus, @whobokku, @caldeed_arts, @finnymullen, @gahhshee, @julianfdarcy, @liminaltart, @miaceaan, @artbynaycha, @no1network, @nk_iconic, @_numpty__, @paigeinabook, @ruggd_, @reeseharveyart, @valentino.r.k, @_well_born_, @yamaflashi, @scr_wl__s_, and @zaide______ 

Fashion:, @kimbralou, @looklike_e, and @sieko.tribe 

Sound: @dameeeela, @freakyjigga, @kiingharold, and @ymirza41

Check out the Bad Olive instagram (@badolive97) for more upcoming events!

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