Australian grime rapper Wombat has joined forces with British hip hop artist Devlin on the massive new track Adrenaline. The music video made a huge splash on Youtube, making it into the top ten currently trending list. See what all the fuss is about – watch the video here!

Adrenaline was a milestone for the AV Club and No1 Network, chalking up our second official international music video. The track was a big moment, too, for Australia’s Grime scene – we’re hoping to see more international collaborations in the future!


“Adrenaline” by Wombat & Devlin OUT EVERYWHERE NOW

Prod by PEZOTB

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Nerve

Video Credits:

Filmed by AV Club / No1 Network & Risky Roadz

Edited by AV Club / No1 Network

Directed by @kyelgolly

Shot locally by @hugonobay via our

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